About Me

     Every piece of wood has a personality, a story enclosed in it. My job is to let it out. I try not to force a piece of wood into shape but follow it into one. I am especially attracted to unusual pieces, the ones that might look defective to an outsider's eye - they always have the most drama in them, but any piece of wood has its interesting side. 

     My pieces tend to have primarily organic shapes; nature, in its seeming simplicity, is an endless source of inspiration for me.

Shows & Events


  My works are shown in galleries of North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, and Georgia and purchased by many corporate and private collectors. Charlotte’s Mint Museum and The Gregg Museum of Art and Design in Raleigh have my pieces in their collections. A McColl Center of Art 2008 affiliate artist, I am still closely involved with the Center and with Charlotte’s art community. 

Work Process


   I have a great love and respect for the trees as for all living things. And that does not contradict with my work: all my materials come from trees that get cut in street construction and development. Since as an artist I was born in Charlotte and grew to love it deeply, I make a point to use only local wood. It is so beautiful and striking in textures and grains and not in any way inferior to any exotic woods.